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Wireless and Offline Access
Have access to your data at almost any time from almost any location. Unable to access the internet? Vagabond stores all your data securely until you attain internet connectivity.

No Hardware Costs
Vagabond operates on mobile devices and desktop/laptop computers that are already in homes and hands everywhere. Our mobile app currently supports the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, and is in development for smartphones and tablets in the Android market, as well as the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble nook platforms.

Vagabond, a cloud-based mobile software, allows vending operators to manage their operations with the touch of a button.  Track sales in real time and view the current fill status of each machine at any point in time.  Vagabond displays exactly how much of each product is needed to pack/fill a machine; manages inventory; provides the precise amount of each product sold from machines; and calculates the gross profit from the operation.

With Vagabond you will:
 reduce your labor requirements by 30-40%
 reduce your inventory carry requirement by up to 20%
 increase the time between visits to machines by 50-100%


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